By Vinaya Saunders | 02/13/2019

5 Ways to Enhance Fertility Naturally with Ayurveda

5 Ways to Enhance Fertility Naturally with Ayurveda

I'd like to introduce you to an alternative that you may not have considered to enhance fertility.

Ayurveda is time tested and an ancient method of keeping our physical health and vitality. Nowadays women go through a lot of stressors. We are balancing both our kitchen and the corporate world. We have mastered how to manoeuvre our lives through traffic, boring meetings, corporate politics, cooking, entertaining and self-care.

The medical field has made many advances for acute conditions of the human body, yet many women struggle to conceive.

According to Ayurveda, it is important for every tissue in our body to be well nourished.
Due to our lifestyles and routines, many don’t get the nutrients that are needed to enhance the 7th dathu of (Arthava ) Ovum and (Shukra)Sperm.

I work with several women in my practice with symptoms that the medical field attempts to address but never solves. They come to me because other medical professionals have not been able to uncover the root cause.

Fertility enhancement is one of the many neglected subjects in today’s world.

Negligence towards fertility enhancement is similar to growing a bad quality crop on soil that has no nutrients.

I hear many of my clients whose kids had a lot of allergies, repetitive illnesses, ear infections and fever. Each new baby needs a mother to be in optimum condition. It all comes down to women’s health before conception. If you want an offspring who is healthy and has a strong immune system, women need to slow down and increase their vitality and get healthy before even they conceive. In my experience of having 4 children, I invest 6 months before conceptions to improving my health. I provide complete attention to my body and its signs.

Ayurvedic process of fertility enhancement has so many benefits.

I'll share the general steps that I follow in the process of fertility enhancement. 

My work in this area all started with a client who was sceptical but tried her luck with me after several IVF’s she had and several miscarriages. We started her journey on herbs that improve digestion. We all carry some kind of digestive issues, that need to be addressed first. After several weeks of herbs intake to build good digestion, my client started noticing her fatigue wasn’t bothering anymore, she felt hungry regularly. She knew this process was going to work after that.

After digestion, periods need to be regulated. Periods are another way a women’s body giving out signs of health, which not many consider.

During this period several of her negative thought patterns of “I will never have a baby” made its way out. She had several energy healing sessions to clear out the negative thought patterns that were blocking her emotionally to conceive.

After that, we followed a routine by adding herbs to nourish uterus health and sperm health. Routine included a good healthy diet that is according to her body type to enhance her health in all aspects. Her partner also added herbs in his diet to increase sperm health.

Each new routine is added one after the other without overwhelming the client.
Stress was reduced with each healing session because she now had clarity of what to expect.

Then the process of trying to conceive started, she immediately conceived within 2 months. Her body needed a little help to unclog channels that were clogged.

At age 45 she made it through a beautiful full term baby. She delivered a beautiful 9 lb baby at age 45, which is not unusual if you can take care of health and work on emotional stability.

Throughout her pregnancy I was part of the journey telling her how doctors will react to her age, she made it to naturally delivering her little miracle. Every time a women’s dream is fulfilled my trust in herbs and this process increases.

Below are the 5 reasons that I have encountered why some women are unable to conceive:

  1. Unhealthy eating habits and daily routines.

  2. Some of the unresolved childhood issues

  3. Avoiding self-care due to unresolved emotions

  4. Work-related stressors

  5. The process of IVF involves plenty of hormone disruptors that can be

    cause of unhealthy uterus

I would love to offer my services to any women who are really struggling to conceive and have their own bundle of joy.

There is definitely hope “ Your miracle is waiting for you!”


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