By Rose Wellness Center | 12/10/2020

5 Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

5 Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

Sexual satisfaction is an integral part of a woman’s physical and mental health. Throughout a woman’s life, her sexual desire will have highs and lows. Major life changes like menopause, illness, and pregnancy can affect desire and result in low sex drive in women. In addition to this, medication, nutrition, and a woman’s mental health can impact libido or sexual desire.

Symptoms of Low Sex Drive

If you do not want to have sex as often as your partner, you may wonder if you have a low sex drive. The simple answer is everyone’s sex drive is different. Here are the top symptoms:

  • You have little to no interest in any sexual activity
  • You never have any sexual thoughts or fantasies
  • You are concerned about your low sex drive.

 Common Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

  1. Thyroid Conditions Can Affect Libido
  2. Low Libido and Unbalanced Hormones
  3. The Stress – Sex Connection
  4. Nutritional Deficiency and Low Sex Drive
  5. How Mood Can Impact Libido

Low sex drive in women can be affected by many things including thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, nutrition deficiency, your mood, or elevated stress levels. Our integrative practitioner specializing in women’s health can help. Every aspect of your life including physical, mental, emotional, environmental, social and spiritual can affect your health and is considered when developing a treatment plan. If you have a low sex drive, you are not alone, and the situation is not hopeless. Follow our advice and begin enjoying and desiring sex again.


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