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| 03/16/2016

4 Nightly Rituals for a Great Night’s Sleep

4 Nightly Rituals for a Great Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep starts before your head hits the pillow. Unfortunately, sleep can be sabotaged by your electronics. Time spent in front of a blue screen, especially before bed, disrupts your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. Creating boundaries around technology is necessary and the first step to a peaceful, natural sleep is to unplug at least an hour before your bedtime.

A more restorative option than spending time in front of your screen is to create a space for relaxation. Blissful evening rituals are all about warmth and inner nourishment. Here are a few simple evening rituals to help unwind from the stress of the day and set yourself up for nourishing sleep.

Take a warm bath

The idea of taking a warm bath to relax is nothing new, but I suggest adding a few layers of sensory nourishment to enhance the experience. Set up dim lighting with candles or salt lamps. Diffuse or add a few drops of a high quality therapeutic grade essential oil to 1-2 cups of Epsom salts to promote emotional purification, detoxification and relaxation. My personal favorite essential oils for a bath include lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, calming blend, grounding blend or even basil. Salt water and essential oils are a potent natural combination that help us let go and ease us into the peaceful, relaxed state we need to rest deeply.

Take a mindfulness break

The bath provides a perfect atmosphere for a mindfulness break. Get comfortable, feel the supportive lightness of the water surrounding your body, release any tension or relax any muscles that are tight. Feel the water gently flowing around you to support your weightless form. Soften and float your arms to the surface and become aware of the rise and fall of your breath. Notice the beginning, middle and end of each cycle of inhales and exhales. Tune in and ride the rise of the inhale and the release of tension on the exhale. Repeat as you soak, soften and dissolve tension in preparation for a sound sleep.

Try some yoga

As you prepare to lay down to sleep, incorporate the restorative yoga position otherwise known as “prop your legs up and relax.”

Take a seat on the floor of your bedroom or on your bed. From a seated position, scoot one hip close to the wall and lie back as you gently swing your legs up the wall. Relax your shoulders and rest your arms at your sides. Feel your breath with one hand on your upper abdomen. Remain in this position for a few minutes. When you’re ready to release the position, slide your legs down one side and roll into a fetal position.


Use essential oils

Relaxing and calming, essential oils can infuse a room with a peaceful atmosphere. The best essential oils for sleep are lavender, vetiver, frankincense, ylang ylang, cedarwood and calming blends. You can use essential oils for sleep in two ways: topically or aromatically.


Rub a few drops of oils diluted with a carrier oil (like almond or coconut) on the back of your neck or on the bottoms of your feet before bed.


Essential oil diffusers are a secret weapon in the fight for a better night’s sleep. Just add a few drops of an oil with calming properties to the water in your essential oil diffuser, set it near your bed and drift away peacefully to dreamland.

In the Comment section below, we would love to hear about your favorite nighttime rituals and essential oils for a good night sleep.

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